Visiting? – What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect.  It doesn’t have to be that way,so below you will find out some more about our Sunday morning gatherings so when you show up you aren’t immediately looking for an exit!


If this is your first time at Significance Church, it might be helpful to show up 10 – 15 minutes early just to get acquainted with one of our team so they can show where we meet, where the toilets are and things like that.  When you arrive, we have banners and A-frames to help you park close to where we meet, The uni is closed on a Sunday so park wherever you’d like. As you walk toward the GP Building where we meet, you will notice a mix of people, preparing the foyer and talking. As you enter the foyer you can grab a welcome pack and sign the visitors book if you wish.  Once inside, you will be welcomed (with a smile) and directed to our meeting room where we hold Church. Sit wherever you like and enjoy the service. (We have a lift available for those who may struggle with stairs – ask us when you enter the foyer and you will guided to the lift)

The Service

Each service starts with worship of God through music and a short reading from the Bible. The music includes songs that have Biblical content but are written to contemporary music. After corporate singing, time is given to teaching from the Bible. Typically, we work through a series and have powerpoints to also follow along with on a screen in front of you. We also regularly remember the sacrifice of Jesus by celebrating the Lord’s Supper (Communion). All followers of Jesus are invited to participate in this regardless of what church you belong to.

After the service we host a morning tea in which you are welcome to stay and chat with other believers and ask questions etc.


We don’t host a separate Children’s Church as a part of our Sunday Morning Service as we recognise that;

  • Church is for the family unit not just for the grown ups
  • Kids can and should be a part of learning about the God of the Bible.

The benefits are;

  • Your whole family receives the same input.
  • You can talk with your kids about what they heard during the service
  • Kids learn to sit, listen, worship in God’s presence as Gods word is taught
  • Kids are encouraged to have their own Bible, notebook and pens.
  • Kids have the opportunity to practice looking up verses in their Bibles each week
  • Kids Worksheets and Stationary are available for Kids to use during the service to suit various ages and we have a play area for toddlers also in our main service area. (Please ask one of our team to access these resources and/or the toddlers area)

Infants are welcome in the service as are any of the kids at any time. We believe children are not an interruption to a Sunday worship service.Please Note: We have trained Workers in our Church who are Childsafe environments Accredited.

Reasons for attending

People attend Church for many reasons and we understand this, it is also an important process to get to know what a Church is about and who is both leading and attending a Church especially if you are looking for a new Church home for you and your family. We are a highly relational group that values the connection and friendship that you may not quickly find in bigger gatherings. You will find a variety of people in our services from different cultures and backgrounds who have all come to find a Church they can grow, learn and be a part of.

We hope to see you soon.


Still have questions?

If you want to clarify anything else feel free to click on the logo below to ask. We would love to hear from you.


Significance Church is a Reformed Church in Adelaide, An Evangelical Church in Adelaide, A Bible Preaching Church in Adelaide, A Gospel Preaching Church in Adelaide, An expositional preaching Church in Adelaide, An Acts 29 Church in Adelaide, A Gospel Coalition Church in Adelaide the City of Churches.